Château de Saint Theodorit

The South of France

Technical details


 Each property has a connection for the Astra satellite 1,2,3 and the French TNT channels. At the owners’ request, other satellite receivers can be installed.


The Château is equipped with a Wifi-system for internet access. Because of the thick walls, the residents might need an extra antenna.


The residences all have telephone cables. Mobile telephoning is usually no problem in this area. 

Interphone and gates

Each property has its own interphone gate connection allowing to welcome guests and to open one of the gates. Proprietors have remote control for their own gate passing. The gates can also be opened with a remote control or a gsm.

Cooking and heating

Each residence has its own high-yield gas system for hot water and heating. The independent gas tanks (2m3) are placed outside. The lots 2, 3, 4 and 5 have floor heating on both floors, lots 1 and 6 are heated with radiators. Each kitchen has a gas connection.


Properties are all fitted with automatic water softeners since the local public waterworks produces relatively hard water. Each property has its own water meter. For the purpose of garden sprinkling, car washing etc., the Château supplies water from its own draw wells. 


Each property has its own electricity consumption meter. The owners can join the common advantageous electricity supply to be paid in advance to the copropriété and corrected at the end of the fiscal year. Proprietors who prefer electric cooking will need an additional installation. 


Each residence has been furnished with an up-to-date professional electronic protection system, offering proprietors a free choice of outside alarm giving. More detailed information will be given after subscription of the confidentiality agreement. 

Swimming pool

The common swimming pool measures 15x7 m with a depth varying between 0,9 and 2,2m.  Its lightly salted water is continuously dually cleaned (electronically as well as by sand filtration). In autumn and spring it is heated by solar panels. An electric roller cover prevents loss of energy and meets at the same time the formal safety requirements.