Château de Saint Theodorit

The South of France


The University hospitals of Nîmes and Montpellier are at a distance of only 30 respectively 45 minutes. In the city of Alès, just a 20 minutes’ drive, there are a well-equipped regional hospital and a private clinic. The nearby village of Lédignan (5 mls) has a medical centre with G.P.’s,  dentists  and a physiotherapist. Furthermore, this region has several private medical clinics of excellent reputation.

In the village (a 5 minute walk) there is a primary school, serving three surrounding villages. Quissac and Lédignan have collèges (secondary schools 12-16 years). The pupils are transported daily to and from school by school buses. After the collège and depending on further educational preferences, the children visit a lycée in one of the cities Alès, Nîmes, Avignon or Montpellier.

Often these schools offer boarder facilities or otherwise school bus services. 

The most important first aid services are to be found in Lédignan (fire brigade & rescue-squad) and Quissac (police). Respectively at a distance of 5 and 6 miles.