Château de Saint Theodorit

The South of France

The Château of Saint Théodorit

In the 12th century the Château was built as a farmhouse (‘mas’) and hunting lodge of the Barons of Sauve (neighbouring village). For that reason it is also referred to as ‘La Baronnie’. It was a farm in the classical sense: wine, grain, fruit, wool, meat and later on silkworm culture. For decades the Château and the village formed a thriving unity.  

In 1973 the agricultural activities were ended. The fields were bought by the Safer, an institute of the French government. Only 7% remained of the initial 200 hectares.

In the year 2000, the present owners found the Château in a desolate state. Only the maison de maître with it beautiful Salle de Garde was habitable. The other parts were falling in ruins and the gardens an vineyards were neglected.

Today, after 7 years of thorough renovation, the Château is fully restored. It is more beautiful than ever. Within its monumental outer walls 7 unparalleled residences have been created with living accommodations of between 185m2 and 240m2, with as many rooms as bathrooms and with private gardens of 335-735m2. The beautiful courtyard (‘cour’) is the centre of the domain. During the renovation, many original elements have been preserved or renovated in harmony with the modern requirements.