Château de Saint Theodorit

The South of France

Purchasing a Château residence

The Château consists of the maison de maître and two wings. The residences ‘Salon’ and ‘Terrasse’ are situated in the maison de maître and have their entrances via the antique front door.

The maison de maître also contains the Salle de Garde, which is communal property. This room is excellently suited for reunions, expositions, concerts, etc. The enormous fireplace guarantees the Château atmosphere.

In the eastern wing are the residences ‘Cuves’ and ‘Etables’ and in the western wing one finds ‘Bayle’, ‘Bergerie’ and ‘Pigeonnier’. These residences are all completely new within the original walls. The individual entrances are safely situated on the courtyard.

What do you get?

An exceptional residence in a special atmosphere, constructed in accordance with very high standards of comfort and quality and with a spacious private garden. Plus a completely new, heated swimming pool and a terrain of 2 ha. The opportunity to make new friends and to undertake new activities in an exceptional atmosphere.

All this in a beautiful landscape with many centers of interest and recreation. And finally, the residences will turn out to be a fruitful investment.

The residences are extensively equipped (see Technical details). All inhabitants have a covered and an open parking place and there is parking space for visitors.

The security of the Château is based on a combination of personal surveillance (caretaker) and electronic alarm. The local services (fire department, police and others) are of good quality. For safety reasons, details of the alarm system are only revealed to seriously interested persons.

What does it cost?

The costs of acquisition amount to
7% of the price, to be paid to the notary. The monthly costs are about € 245 per residence, depending on the surface area (to be paid to the copropriété). They relate to common facilities, caretaker and common insurances.

Purchasing advice

To potential buyers we offer, free of charge, the services of Lotthé Marshall Immobilier, a renowned real estate agency.

The property division deed, the statute of the copropriété and the surveyor’s report  are only available in French.  

Agreement for sale

After realization of a formal sales agreement (before the notary ),  a supplementary down payment of 10% of the purchase price has to be paid to the notary’s account. On failure of this obligation, the sales transaction loses its validity and the indemnification is forfeited nevertheless. 

On final realization of the purchase
the down payment will be settled against the sales price. If the final realization of a sale fails as a result of purchaser’s non-fulfilment, both the indemnification and the down payment are forfeited. 

Confidential information (details regarding guarding matters, articles of association, geometrical reports etc.) will only be released after personal introduction and identification and the signing of our declaration of confidentiality.